Yuri Delanghe

Position: Bass Trombone

Occupation: Grade 12 student at Harry Ainlay High School

Trombone: Blessing Bass Trombone

Ritchie Trombone Choir,
Edmonton Youth Orchestra,
Harry Ainlay Symphonic Band,
Harry Ainlay A Stage Jazz Band


Rita Burns (Avalon Junior High School)
Rob Speers (Harry Ainlay High School)
Ken Read (private lessons, 2005 - present


Yuri began playing trombone in junior high under the supervision of Rita Burns. Private lessons with Ken Read have helped to improve his style and repertoire. Yuri has also received guidance from a variety of world-class musicians through his participation in the annual MusiCamp Alberta.


After studying piano for several years, Yuri decided to expand his musical education in Junior High and chose band as one of his course options. After trying out a number of band instruments, Yuri picked up a trombone and discovered he enjoyed playing it.

Favorite Note: Pedal B-flat

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