Joel Tomlenovich

Position: Conductor and Artistic Director

Former: Saskatoon Brass Band, Holy Cross Adult Community Junior Band, Nova Musica
Current: Ritchie Trombone Choir

Teachers: Larry House, Dwaine Nelson, Marvin Eckroth

Conductor, composer, trumpet player Joel Tomlenovich was born and raised in Saskatoon SK.  Joel recieved his Bachelor of Music in performance from the University of Saskatchewan where he studied trumpet with Larry House and conducting with Dwaine Nelson and Marvin Eckroth. Throughout Joel's youth he was involved extensively with the Sea Cadet program where he began to conduct and arrange.  After university Joel became musical director of The Saskatoon Brass band and the Holy Cross adult community junior band.  Joel moved to Edmonton in 2000 and shortly after became musical director of Nova Musica, an Edmonton based orchestra.  Joel is pleased and honored to have the baton passed from Ken Read and looks forward to working with the RTC for some time.  Joel and his wife Leslie live in Spruce Grove with their two boys Carter and Luca and dog Buster.  Joel loves to cook and think about what it would be like to be a stand up comedian. 

Favourite Cereal- Frosted Flakes
Favourite Area Code- 905
Favourite Symphony- Nielsen #4
Favourite Osmond- None
Favourite March *Military Band- (Quick march) Standard of St. George
                              *Military Band- (Slow march) Garb of Old Gaul
Favourite March *Brass Band (Depending on the weather forcast it may be any one of the following)
                             The BB and CF, The Elephant, Simoraine, Roll away Bet, Lenzburg
Favourite Toothpaste- Colgate
Favourite Sharp- F
Favourite Vegetable- None
Favourite Question- Wanna play rabbit?
Favourite Pavarotti Aria- Di quella pira(Met 1988)
Favourite Martini- 6 to 1 Tanqueray with 3 olives
Favourite TV personality- Chris Cuthbert
Favourite Tone Poem-  Ein Heldenleben
Favourite Flat- A

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