Günther Trageser

Position: 3rd

Occupation: Brewer for Brewsters Brewing Co. and Restaurants in Edmonton

Trombone: Eastman by Shires ETB634G with Denis Wick 5AL Heritage mouthpiece, a Yamaha YSL-697Z small bore trombone with a Yamaha 45 C2 mouthpiece, a Jürgen Voigt tenor sackbut after Isaac Ehe (17th century) and a Jinbao JBSL-702 alto trombone with a Bach 12C mouthpiece

* Ritchie Trombone Choir

Teachers: Ken Read

Influences: My daughter Sophie who's been playing the French Horn since age seven and achieved her BMus in French Horn  performance at University of Victoria under Kurt Kellan..

Bio:After admiring my daughter Sophie on her French Horn for years, I had to play a brass instrument, too. Sophie wouldn't let me play her horn and for sure I wouldn't buy another one. So I got the trombone into my head. Finally, in November 2002 I bought a little Cleveland trombone on eBay, to see how I would get on with the instrument and started taking lessons. Five month later I was hooked and upgraded to my Holton which was replaced with a Bach 42 and then the Eastman. The Yamaha and alto trombones were also added. Although I did have a guitar in my youth and also experimented with the fiddle and the mandolin, I never took formal lessons until I got started with the trombone. For over ten years I took lessons from Ken Read It's amazing how much progress one can make with proper instruction and guidance. The great reward is is having fun playing in a paradise called the Ritchie Trombone Choir.

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