David Burroughs

David Burroughs


Sherwood Park, Alberta and
Haughton, Louisiana



Position: Third or whatever needs to be played

Occupation: Director, Responsible Care Canada for a Toronto-based chemical company (Chemtrade) leading teams and programs dealing with environmental, health and safety issues.

Trombone: Bach Stradivarius 42B

Ritchie Trombone Choir
Fort Saskatchewan Community Band
The Prevailing Winds (Louisiana
Asbury Brass Ensemble (Louisiana)

Teachers: Every person and chart that I encounter.

Influences: My faith, my family, and life’s challenges.

Bio: Picked up my first trombone in 1965. I love all forms of music but have most enjoyed a time when I played lead in a Jazz Ensemble a few years ago. My degrees are in chemistry and business management. I grew up in Louisiana and lived in Houston, Texas and now on assignment for a few years across Canada but based in Alberta. I am a Sinfonian and music has remained an important part of my life.

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