Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon


Outdoor Sporting Goods, Canadian Tire

Getzen 1052FD

* Ritchie Trombone Choir
* C-Jam Big Band

Dr. Eila Peterson

I donít think I know enough to have really been influenced yet, but I have most certainly been inspired by a legion of very nice musical people, mostly freaks of brass, including (in no particular order) Eila Peterson, Wendy Grasdahl, Taina Lorenz, Wendy Watson, Joel Tomlenovitch, Joel Gray, Ken Pearce, Kathy MacIntosh, Scott Wetham and Ormand Jones. I must add the entire membership of the Ritchie trombone Choir. I consider it a high privilege to be able play with all of these guys.

Whilst a youngling, over four decades ago I played the trumpet in high school, thank you very much Zonia, and did not play until a couple of years ago. Against my inclination to pick up the trumpet, I rented a trombone from Ormand, as I had a full learning curve in front of me regardless of what instrument I chose. Frankly, even today, I am shocked at how much fun the trombone is to play, and obviously I have just started. Now to segway to the important stuff. Karen and I will recognize our 41st anniversary this December (2019), despite her choice of playing the flute. No one is perfect except trombonists....

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